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Testimonials & Endorsements


“Teresa is a gift. She is the ultimate professional who utilizes depth of knowledge, skill and sensitivity to produce remarkable results.” -Alex Cook

“I coached Teresa during her studies at IIN. She shows great interest, passion and dedication to her work. Her knowledge of her profession stems not only from attending IIN but also from heartfelt passion to help others heal. Her gentle spirit is very inviting and trustworthy. She is a great health coach.” -Sarka Ruzickova

“Teresa is a hard working, organized and detail-oriented coach. She always has a plan and anyone would be lucky to work with such a professional. High notes and all positive comments for Teresa Valdez!” -Carlos A. Sanchez

“For the best health, wellness and fitness coach, I would call Teresa – The No Regrets Coach, LLC” -Val Velasquez

“Teresa is a hardworking, talented, smart and loyal person. Her persistence in all she does is only outmatched by her commitment to excellent work. Teresa has clarity of mind and is an achiever who is admired by many for her dedication to her kids, raising them with strong values. Teresa is a high-quality individual with impeccable integrity, integrity that is reflected in her work and her strive for excellence.” -David Vliet

“First and foremost, Teresa is someone who strives for balance not only in her life but in those close to her. She is ambitious but also pragmatic and good humored about it. She expects a lot of herself but never loses sight of – or grips with – what is most important in her life. Rarely does she “jump into” something without thoroughly asking, listening and researching it first. She knows when to be playful and when to be direct – it’s that “balance” thing mentioned earlier. More than most people with whom I’ve worked or been associated, Teresa wants to make the most of this life.”  -Carlos Laird

Don’t regret not taking steps to a better and healthier life.  Allow me to serve and support you with your health and wellness goals.

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