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Acaí Berries

by Teresa Valdez on September 5, 2013

acai berry

Acaí berries come from a palm tree in South America.  They have high levels of antioxidants similar to cranberries but higher than blueberries & strawberries.  The substances in acaí berries may reduce inflammation and possibly slow the spread of cancer cells.  Acaí berries also contain healthy fatty acids such as oleic acid (found in olive oil).

When taken orally as a supplement it is used for conditions like high cholesterol, heart problems, allergies and cancer.  However, these uses have not been proven to be effective.

As a natural food it can be eaten raw, in juices, drinks, jellies, ice creams and other foods.  It’s also used as a natural food coloring.

Exercise caution when taking Acaí supplements as these may interact with other medications such as over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen and other NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) painkillers as well as prescription drugs for pain.  Also, it may block the effectiveness of some anti-cancer medications.  Always check with your health care provider before taking extra supplements.

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