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Why People Over 40 Need a Health Coach

by Teresa Valdez on April 17, 2013

Men and women over 40 face unique health challenges, be they related to diet, personal fulfillment or body changes that simply don’t apply before that age. Doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals play an important role in helping individuals over 40 maintain their health, but in many ways, having a dedicated health coach is a better option.

Here are three areas where a health coach can help!

1. Diet and Weight Loss

As we enter our 40s, the importance of the types of food we consume becomes ever more important in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. At the same time, losing weight becomes more challenging as our bodies change due to hormonal fluctuations, decreased muscle mass & a decreased metabolism. Unlearning the bad dietary habits we may have developed as a younger person often times requires the help and guidance of a trained professional, such as a Health Coach.

2. Support and Guidance

We all need support as we try to make changes in our lives, particularly those that involve our lifestyles. Unfortunately, it is often the people closest to us who unknowingly (or sometimes knowingly) sabotage our efforts – “change” is hard to accept for many people. Having a Health Coach allows you to have a steadfast resource for support and guidance. Think of your Health Coach as your personal cheerleader and accountability partner!

3. Holistic Approach

A Health Coach is more objective than a friend or family member, which allows her to help her clients take a look at how other aspects of their lives are affecting their eating patterns. A Health Coach will have his clients look not only at their diet and exercise routines, but also at things such as spirituality, relationships, physical activity and professional fulfillment.

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